SwiftKey Keyboard APK

Developer: SwiftKey Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

SwiftKey Keyboard APK

April 25, 2017
Change log
  • SwiftKey Keyboard APK is one of the new applications available in android. You can get this application by downloading the APK and install it to your smartphone. This virtual keyboard is great in its word prediction. Plus, with a flood feature, you are no longer need to type. Swiping the word is enough to input the text. Do you want to know more about this version? Please keep reading because this article will discuss it in detail. Let’s find your best option. A frequently asked question is why we still need to download a virtual keyboard since our smartphone already have it. SwiftKey is a simple application that will help you to type faster on Android terminal, with intelligence correcting all the mistakes you make which is something that often occurs when using the touch screen.

    This application learns the most often use words and phrases and use them to predict the next word and phrase, to be one step ahead as you type. When you start typing a new sentence, the list of options will appear on the screen. You can choose one and put it in the text. Configuration menu on this app provide many options, such as changing the look and also sync with Facebook and Twitter profiles. In this way, the application quickly sees the names and patterns that you often use. It will give you the best choice of words and phrases to suit your preferences.

    This application is packed with customization features including more than 30 themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices, and supports more than 80 languages. SwiftKey Keyboard comes with 800 emoticons that can be accessed with a single touch in which will certainly make more interesting chat and it provides by default. Uniquely, it can also predict the emoticon of words that included, for example, when you typed ‘love’, it can suggest some emoticons associated with ‘love’. It also presents flow features so that users can insert character simply by sliding a finger over the virtual board without tapping the screen.

    Features of SwiftKey Keyboard APK for Android
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  • SwiftKey Keyboard APK Latest Version

    • SwiftKey now supports 12 new languages: Syriac, Gujlish, Neo-Aramaic (Turoyo & Sureth), Papiamento (Aruba & CuraƧao), Cebuano, Joola-Fonyi, Mossi, Maranao, Sicilian, Waray
    • SwiftKey will now auto space after Flowing and adding an emoji
    • Lots more fixes and improvements to keep SwiftKey running smoothly
  • Apps Reviews

    With the new updates. It’s perfect! I got my new emojis. The predictions is SUPERB! can’t wait to see what’s up next!